Friday February 24 , 2017
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Forecast for wind aloft

Pre-Flight comes with the unique wind aloft forecast feature. Simply select the forecast period matching your departure date and time (4 days in advance). For each leg of your planned flight, Pre-Flight will lookup the forecast in a global database and present you with:

1Wind correction angle

2Course to steer

3Ground speed

4Best economy altitude for each leg

This data originates from NOAA's global forecast model. Which provides global forecast with a 1 degree accuracy. The data is interplolated to each waypoint in your route.

Refer to the three images below. The first image demonstrates the forecast period selector. After selecting the forecast period, the wind speed, wind direction and course to steer for each leg are displayed in the center image. Select a segment to show the details for that leg of your route. This is where Pre-Flight shows the calculated best economy altitude. In the right image, it is shown that in this case that altitude is 2000ft lower then the selected cruise altitude. With this feature you will earn back the price of this app in the first 20 minutes of your next flight!


Select a forecast periodRoute effects

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